Type: Policy
Version: 2.0
Updated: 12 May 2023

Sydney Catholic Schools are moving to a centralised digital information management system called ONCE – what this means for your personal information.

Catholic schools in NSW, ACT, Tasmania and QLD are on the threshold of a major leap forward in the ways in which we are able to track your child’s learning and wellbeing. For Sydney Catholic Schools this involves moving to a centralised digital student information management and storage platform called ONCE. In terms of student information, ONCE integrates two systems: Compass (operated by JDLF International) and CED3 (operated by CEnet).

This transition will enable us to better manage the information relating to students, enhancing our ability to manage student welfare and support students in their learning, providing parents and guardians with immediate access to more information about their students, and assisting the provision of quality education to students.

Personal information about students, parents and guardians will be moved from the School’s local information systems to the centralised system. You should know that,

  • All data is located in Australia.
  • There will be no change to the information access rights in the centralised system from the School’s current information system.
  • Personal information may also be disclosed to others as detailed in the Standard Collection Notice provided to you on enrolment and the School’s Privacy
  • Policy accessible on the School’s website.

More detailed information about the data collection through these systems can be accessed through Privacy Notice for Transition to a New Student Information System

If you have any questions about this change in the way we manage our data, and how it will impact the handling of your (or your child’s) personal information, please contact the Principal of your child’s school.