How can I enrol my child?
We warmly welcome all enrolment enquiries. Please visit the Enrolment page.

When can I enrol my child?
By law, primary students must commence school before they turn six years of age. Secondary schools enrol prospective students two years prior to their commencing at the school. Please visit the Enrolment page.

What’s the status of my child’s enrolment?
Enrolments are only finalised after enrolment form and supporting documentation is supplied and a formal interview has taken place with the principal/delegated staff member. Please contact the respective school.

How do I enrol my child from overseas?
Please contact the school directly to facilitate enrolment and visa requirements.

Who can enrol at Sydney Catholic Schools?
Any person with parental responsibility or guardianship can enrol a child. Please note, enrolments in systemic Catholic primary and secondary schools are prioritised according to criteria addressed in the Enrolment Information for Systemic Catholic Schools. Please visit the Enrolment page.


What are the fees at my child’s school?
Sydney Catholic Schools utilises a differentiated school tuition fee model. This means that there will be slight variations in tuition fees from school to school, so please request the total school fees from your local Sydney Catholic school. Please refer to School Fees and Assistance page.

What do my child’s school fees cover?
Sydney Catholic Schools tuition fees are made up of three basic components: Tuition costs, Building Levy and School-Based Charges. As well as school tuition fees, there are additional school-based charges that cover resources, ICT levy, sport, excursions and retreats/camps, which can vary from school to school depending on a school’s individual circumstances. Please refer to School Fees and Assistance page.

Is fee assistance available?
Parents who need support to meet the cost of educating their child in a systemic Catholic school may be eligible for a bursary from the Catholic Education Foundation based on criteria. Information about the Catholic Education Foundation can be obtained from your local Catholic school.

What’s the process for paying my child’s school fees?
All schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney will be billing fees on an annual basis in 2019. Parents can pay their account by Bpay, Centrepay, Direct Debit and Eftpos on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, per term or annual basis.  Please refer to the school you are enrolling in for fee structure and account details. Please refer to School Fees and Assistance page for more information.

What are the fees at my child’s school?
School Fees are set by Sydney Catholic Schools. An Annual Schedule of Fees for your school can be found on your school’s website. Please refer to School Fees and Assistance page.

Why should I work for Sydney Catholic Schools?
At Sydney Catholic Schools, we recognise the value and dedication of all our staff and their individual contributions towards the exceptional education provided by our schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney. We experience an inclusive culture and promote learning opportunities and career development days while understanding that work/life balance is critical to the wellbeing of employees. Please refer to the Careers page.

Where can I apply for a job at Sydney Catholic Schools?
Our staff come from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. Please refer to the Positions Vacant page.

Sydney Catholic Schools Positions Vacant: Office
Applicants for Sydney Catholic Schools office positions, will be required to submit a complete application form along with related documents via the applicant portal.

Sydney Catholic Schools Positions Vacant: Schools
Teachers wishing to apply for a position to teach in Sydney Catholic schools need to complete the ‘Registration to Teach’ process before being eligible to apply for a teaching position. Please refer to the Registration to Teach page.

Please note that vacancies within schools are managed by the school itself and posted on the Teachers On Net website.

At Sydney Catholic Schools we recognise that students learn differently.

How do Sydney Catholic schools assist children with Disability and Additional Learning needs?
We offer programs that are tailored to students with Disability and Additional Learning needs. Please refer to the Learner Diversity page.

How do Sydney Catholic schools cater to Gifted and Talented children?
We offer programs that are tailored to students that are recognised as Gifted and Talented like Newman Selective. Please refer to the Learner Diversity page.

Have you checked the Intranet?
Please visit the intranet if you have further questions.

Queries about payment details, teacher accreditation or recruitment progress
Please confirm any employment and accreditation details with our People and Culture Services team.
Phone: (02) 9568 8297

How can I access my forgotten login details for intranet/email
Should you require your email/CENet Password to be reset, please contact ICT Service Desk
Phone: (02) 9568 8279

How can I access PHRIS
Please refer to the PHRIS Support Website for all queries relating to PHRIS password reset, updating of personal details and to access leave.
Phone: (02) 9568 8478.

How can I access professional development?
Please access our website to find out more on professional development by visiting the Staff Professional Learning page.

For prospective employees
For anyone interested in working with Sydney Catholic Schools, please visit Job Vacancies.

Where can I find Sydney Catholic School’s policies?
Policies for Sydney Catholic Schools can be accessed from the Policies page.

Sydney Catholic Schools Pathways
If you would like to find out the unique things your school has to offer, please visit the K-12 Pathways page.


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Sydney Catholic Schools sees itself as a vital learning community that is highly supportive of research and further education. In recent years, there has been substantial growth in government accountability surveys and research applications. This has meant that accepting all appropriate requests is no longer practicable without impacting significantly on learning programs and teacher workload. As a result, a two stage process has been established that must be observed before final approval to conduct research in schools will be granted.

Sydney Catholic Schools reserves the right to accept or decline any research application at its own discretion, except in the case of Funding Agreement obligations.

Sydney Catholic Schools values your feedback. We encourage you to contact your local school in the first instance with any suggestions, compliments or complaints. If you would prefer to contact Sydney Catholic Schools directly, you can complete the form below.

For further information about our complaint handling process, please see the Resolution of Complaints Policy.