At the heart of all Sydney Catholic Schools policies is a commitment to a safe and supportive environment which encourages all members of the school community to thrive. These policies will provide you with direction and clarity on the regulations, processes and procedures which govern all Sydney Catholic schools.

Name Policy Number Version Hidden tags
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy – Many Voices: One Shared Vision TL201503 1.2 human resources, religious education and evangelisation
Accreditation Policy to Work, Teach and Lead in Sydney Catholic Schools RE202001 1.1 human resources, religious education and evangelisation
Anti-Bullying Policy TL201604 1.0 cyberbullying, cybersafety, cyber, wellbeing, pastoral care, tracking, NSSF
Anti Modern Slavery Policy SCS2021004 1.2
BYOD Implementation in Sydney Catholic Schools Policy TL201806 1.0 BYOD, BYODD, technology, laptops, computers, innovation, digital, damage, warranty, designated, device, 
Child Protection Policy: Reporting Concerns to Communities and Justice and Police SPG202004 1.3 Child Protection, WWCC
Child Protection Policy: Responding to  Allegations and Complaints SPG202003 1.0 Child Protection, WWCC
Child Protection Procedures: Responding to Allegations and Complaints SPG202003-G 1.0 Child Protection, WWCC
Child Related Employment Policy HR201817 1.0 Child Protection, WWCC
Childhood Infectious Diseases Policy HR201804 1.0 Childhood, Child
Disclaimer and Copyright copyright, disclaimer, NEALS, National Education Access Licence
Domestic Violence Policy HR201811 1.1 violence, emergency, leave, safety, risk, wellbeing, vulnerable, domestic violence, family, advo, avo, order, comm
Enrolment Policy for Systemic Catholic Schools EDO201601 5.0  priority, catholic, orthodox, parish, application, sibling, feeder
Gifted Education Policy TL201401 1.1 gagne, talented, learning, differentiation, extension 
Knives and other Prohibited Weapons Guidelines HR201807 1.0 weapon, knife, gun, search, interview, NSSF, crime, police, possession, threatening, injury, media
Knives and other Prohibited Weapons Policy HR201807 1.0 weapon, knife, gun, search, interview, NSSF, crime, police, possession, threatening, injury, media
Privacy notice for transition to ONCE Once
Privacy Policy HR201705 3.0 APP, information, personal, sensitive, health, disclosure, security, alumni, contractor, volunteer, employment, 
Resolution of Complaints Policy SCS2020004 1.1 school administration and management, complaints, resolution, handling, issue handling, issue management, parent
School Fee Collection Policy FAS201602 1.1 bursary, CEF, foundation, liaison, letter, debt, bursaries, refugee, indigenous, income, finance, financial, statement
Student Management: Suspension, Transfer and Exclusion Policy TL201607 1.0 challenging behaviours, risk, IPBP, sanctions, safety, expulsion, misconduct, investigation
Student Wellbeing Policy SCS2021006 2.0
Students with Complex Care Needs Policy (Medical Assistance) TL201701 1.0  first-aid, invasive, non-invasive, health care plan, specialist, nurse, catheter, suctioning
Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement TL201901G 2.0  laptop, computer, social media, facebook, AUP, internet, email, byod, ict, network
Supporting Students with Complex Social and Emotional Needs Policy TL201602 3.0 management, guidelines, violence, harm, self-harm, drugs, weapons, IAP, IPBP, differentiation, pastoral care, risk, proforma
Code of Professional Conduct SCS2021007 3.0
Web Usage Policy Website, Copyright
Whistleblower Policy SCS2020006 1.0

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