Thriving Catholic Communities

A strategic plan for 2021 and beyond

To know and love Christ through learning.

Thriving Catholic communities through excellent teaching and learning.

● Truth – seeking to know and live the truth
● Curiosity – nurturing the search for meaning
● Collaboration – engaging respectfully and meaningfully with others
● Excellence – striving to achieve one’s potential
● Empathy – appreciating and responding to the views and needs of others

students watering plants

1. To participate in the life and mission of the Catholic faith community
2. To deepen our knowledge and engagement with the Catholic faith and tradition
3. To build each student’s capacity to continuously reason reflectively, logically and critically
4. To embrace the interdependence of human existence as global citizens, who are responsible to and for themselves and others
5. To provide an engaging, holistic learning experience, where students thrive academically

1. Scripture, doctrine and Catholic social teaching, underpin everything we do
2. Our students and staff are principled and values-oriented persons for others
3. We are a community with a strong sense of belonging and relevance
4. Our schools and students are known locally and nationally for their excellence and achievements
5. Our students’ academic results will be as good as, if not better, than those in comparable schools
6. We are a high performing workforce and an employer of choice
7. Our communities are a place to gather, share and learn for both the Catholic and broader community
6. To be places where every student excels in a multitude of ways, through personalised and self-paced learning