students learning at schoolSydney Catholic Schools focuses on the individual gifted students’ needs, interests and abilities.

Gifted education in Sydney Catholic Schools is informed by the NSW Standards Education Authority (NESA), Sydney Catholic Schools’ Gifted Education Policy and Sydney Catholic Schools’ Gifted Education Standards Framework.

Schools within the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney are assisted in taking a strategic approach to developing a school-wide gifted education program. This starts by building a shared understanding of the model of giftedness that forms the basis of our approach, and developing an awareness of key principles and best practice within the field of gifted education.


Our Newman Selective Gifted Education schools are under active development across the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, with a defined pathway for schools to work towards this through participation in the GENE program.

Short for Gifted Education Naturally Embedded, GENE is a framework of professional learning sessions designed to assist schools with embedding strategies, processes and practices appropriate for gifted students into the culture of the community and classroom at the school.


Sydney Catholic Schools initiated the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program in 2011 as a response to ensuring educational equity was achieved for gifted learners in both Catholic primary and secondary schools.

Newman Selective Gifted Education Program schools offer a wide range of opportunities that cater for a variety of gifted learners and support students’ social and emotional needs.

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Our schools also have the opportunity of developing teachers in gifted education by completing a set of rigorous online courses. These courses have been designed by our experts and implemented to build teacher awareness of how to identify gifted students, ensuring the students’ abilities are challenged at the correct level, and providing the appropriate social and emotional support for these students.