parent walking with his childrenSydney Catholic Schools works closely with the NSW Centre for Road Safety within Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to deliver professional learning for teachers and the provision of resources to schools in order to improve NSW road user attitudes and behaviours.

While our program is directed at students and teachers, road safety is clearly a shared responsibility, so Catholic schools work with their parents and the wider community to reinforce the NSW Centre for Road Safety’s key road safety messages.

As part of this shared responsibility, Sydney Catholic Schools endorses the centre’s Towards Zero campaign and related road safety initiatives.

The objectives of the NSW Road Safety Education Program in Schools are:

  1. Development of road safety education resources for the use of teachers and students in NSW schools;
  2. Develop, implement and deliver a comprehensive and effective road safety education curriculum in NSW schools from Kindergarten to Year 12;
  3. Foster greater awareness of road safety issues among teachers, students, parents and members of school communities; and
  4. Encourage behavioural change in children and young people through the development of knowledge, values, attitudes and behaviours that enable them to make better informed decisions as safe road users.

In order to reduce the incidence of injuries and deaths involving young people on NSW roads, Sydney Catholic Schools has worked collaboratively with the NSW Centre for Road Safety in the development of the Kindergarten to Year 6 resource, Safety Town, and its suite of secondary resources, On the Move.

For more information on road safety education in schools, please contact your local Sydney Catholic school.

Sydney Catholic Schools has a commitment to road safety as a key health and wellbeing issue. 

Road-related trauma is one of the leading causes of accidental death and injury for children and young people in NSW. Through our partnership with Transport for NSW, we are committed to helping reduce this by supporting teachers to implement quality road safety education programs in our schools.