Sydney Catholic Schools is committed to continuous school improvement through school and system-wide strategies, to build the capacity of our teachers and leaders. Our practices and priorities are informed by extensive research which shows the significant impact on student learning, teacher quality and school effectiveness that leadership development brings.

Master Teachers work across Sydney Catholic Schools as expert leaders in the art of teaching and school leadership. They mentor and support school-based leaders of teaching called Instructional Specialists, who work to develop and support other teachers at their school.

The Instructional Specialist Initiative will improve student learning by developing high impact teaching and leadership across all Sydney Catholic schools. The initiative is informed by contemporary research and driven by an experienced team, to ensure success and growth for every teacher and student.

This landmark initiative forms part of our Master Teacher Research Strategy, which aims to improve teaching and leadership across all Sydney Catholic schools. The impact of the initiative informs research across the system to ensure each student and our schools are known locally, nationally and globally for their excellence and achievement.

The SCS School Review and Improvement (SRI) Framework is a system-wide strategy for creating the culture and practice of continuous improvement with a focus of students at the centre.

The SRI Framework supports schools in achieving improved learning outcomes and life opportunities for students in learning environments, underpinned by the Vision and Mission of Sydney Catholic Schools.

The SRI Framework is a cyclical process which ensures quality, growth and accountability. It provides a structure for Principals to lead their school communities in creating a culture of self-reflection and improvement, with a focus on continuous improvement.

Sydney Catholic Schools works collaboratively with schools and educational leaders to identify, research, and implement innovative strategies to prepare students and schools for the future.

A highlight of our most recent key initiatives is the Amadeus Music Education Program; a comprehensive music program for Kindergarten to Year 8 students in every one of our schools. The program, led by specialist music educators, is accessible by students of all levels, abilities and music backgrounds and provides significant benefits to learning across all subject areas.

Whilst our schools adopt system directions, they also have their own priorities that are planned, purposeful and relevant to their local context. All directions are well planned and utilise the latest in educational research to assist in planning and review.

All Sydney Catholic Schools teachers are accredited to teach by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), and the system works with our teachers and schools to provide opportunities for higher levels of accreditation that build teacher skills and, therefore, provide a more robust educational experience for students.

Sydney Catholic Schools has been a leader in the state by providing opportunities for teachers to be among the first to reach the ‘lead’ level of teacher accreditation in NSW – the highest form of accreditation. We also provide opportunities for our teachers to become accredited in Religious Education.

Our Religious Education teachers are all accredited in Religious Education and have the necessary background, knowledge, and professional commitment to the purposes of Religious Education and the ethos of the Catholic school to teach within our system.


General information about conducting research in our schools

Sydney Catholic Schools is an integral part of the wider learning community that is highly supportive of research and further education and is committed to providing opportunities for research to be conducted in our schools to further the knowledge around how children learn.

In recent years, there has been substantial increase in government accountability surveys and research applications, meaning it is no longer practicable to undertake all research requests without impacting significantly on learning programs and teacher workload. As a result, Sydney Catholic Schools has established a two stage process before final approval to conduct research in schools is granted.

Sydney Catholic Schools reserves the right to accept or decline any research application at its own discretion, except in the case of funding agreement obligations.

To find out more information on conducting research in our schools, including the submission guidelines, please contact: Or fill the form below: