Sydney Catholic Schools’ Amadeus Music Education Program is one of the biggest, most comprehensive and ambitious investments in quality music education ever undertaken in Sydney’s schools.

“Music Education should not be a privilege just for those who can afford it.”
Tony Farley – SCS Executive Director

This game-changing program is an example of how Sydney Catholic schools are applying scale and collaboration to deliver innovative educational programs.  

The Amadeus program provides 32,000 students across Sydney Catholic Schools network of 147 primary and secondary schools access to classroom music lessons, ensemble lessons and small group tuition led by 100 school classroom music teachers and 250 specialist music tutors.

Through a comprehensive program, Instrumental tutors nurture students’ skills and provide them with opportunities to perform at school and parish level, at larger inter-school events and at Sydney Catholic Schools’ Performing Arts Festival and Eisteddfods.

The experienced team of music tutors brings professional experience from orchestras and ensembles around Australia and the world

“Music is an important part of life through which we express ourselves as human beings – it brings communities together, creates joy and stimulates the brain and the senses,” Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, Tony Farley, said.

The program provides access for all students into a learning environment that includes a quality music program that nurtures and develops skills that can be expressed across the curriculum. 

The positive effects of young people involved in music education programs include:

Increased development of individual creativity and self-expression which can improve a learner’s confidence and motivation

Achievements in reading, language and mathematics development, increased higher-order thinking skills, increased motivation to learn, and improvement in social behaviours.

Experiences and learning that fosters the development of collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, imagination, communication, agility and empathy.

Each week, Amadeus students undertake instrumental tuition classes in small groups for 30 minutes. Students also play their instrument in a string ensemble, concert band or orchestra for up to one hour per week. 

Sydney Catholic Schools' Amadeus Music Education Program student being taught how to play a violin by his music teacher

Professional musicians tutor students and nurture their passion and skills to meet musical outcomes for the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus and support students to complete standard-graded music exams.

The Kindergarten to Year 8 scope of the program means there is a continuum of music education from a student’s primary school to their secondary school. Students can also choose to continue Music as an elective into Year 9 and beyond.

A differentiated Primary teaching and learning program complements the instrumental program, including a cross-curricular approach linking dance and drama to music.

By the beginning of 2024, all 150 SCS schools will be fully implementing the Amadeus Music Education Program.