Sydney Catholic Schools is leading the way with Music education in NSW.  Its new Amadeus Music Education Program is designed to promote excellence in teaching and learning through a comprehensive music education program for every student from Kindergarten through to Year 8. 

Sydney Catholic Schools believes that music education is for everyone and should not just be for the privileged. The benefits of a quality music education are immense and highly beneficial to all students.

Decades of research shows that learning an instrument and playing in a musical ensemble strengthens neural pathways in the brain and can: 

  • significantly improve student academic success in areas including language and mathematical development
  • significantly improve student engagement, short- and long-term memory, attention, self-discipline and coordination
  • improve mindfulness and promote wellbeing in students

The Amadeus Music Education Program has three essential elements:

  • Kindergarten to Year 8 Classroom Music: Whole-class music lessons taught by specialist Music teachers for up to one hour per week
  • Year 3 to 8 Small Group Tuition: Students in groups of five to seven spend 30 minutes per week learning to play a string, woodwind or brass instrument
  • Year 3 to 8 Ensemble Rehearsal: Students will play their instrument in a string ensemble, orchestra or concert band (whole-of-class) for up to one hour per week

As part of this program, all students will be given a string or wind instrument and will be part of a String Ensemble or Concert Band. Once students have completed two years on an instrument, they can apply to transfer to the vocal stream of the program.

Our music teachers and tutors are highly qualified with expertise in a range of areas, and students will meet musical outcomes for the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), Quality Music Instruction and can elect to complete standard graded music exams.

Students will have the chance to perform at school and parish level, at larger inter school events and at Sydney Catholic Schools’ competitions and showcases, including Sydney Catholic Schools’ Performing Arts Festival and its Eisteddfod.

The Kindergarten to Year 8 scope of the program means there is a continuum of music education from a student’s primary school to their secondary school. Students can also choose to continue music as an elective into Year 9 and beyond.

The Amadeus Music Education Program was successfully rolled out as a pilot in 13 schools in south-west Sydney in 2021. The following schools are now on board:

In 2022, the following schools will also be offering our program: