Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) is helping to build a brighter future for children in the South Pacific region with the donation of classroom furniture to Hagara Primary School in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

SCS, together with Bethany College Hurstville, has donated more than 1,000 student and teacher second hand chairs and desks to the school in Port Moresby.  

The donation was made possible by SCS’s partnership with Swire Shipping, Vanguard Logistics and Thomas Hassall Anglican College, who have a proud history of servicing the South Pacific. 

Swire Shipping and Vanguard Logistics cover all the delivery and customs costs on behalf of SCS. The Education Support Project is a collaborative initiative that involves giving back to the local communities, aiming to improve the quality of education for children in the region.  

Hagara Primary School—a school of 3,500 students from kindergarten through to Year 8 that is supported by only 41 teachers—was identified as a school that would benefit greatly from the initiative. 

SCS helped facilitate Bethany College’s generous donation to Port Moresby, which was presented to Hagara Primary School in a small ceremony. 

Robyn Rodwell, Principal of Bethany College, said the school was delighted to offer its support to Hagara Primary School.

“We are fortunate to be able to share these gifts with Hagara Primary School and hope they will enhance the learning environment for its students, as well as support the great work the teachers and staff do each and every day,” she said. 

“As Catholic communities, I hope our two schools can also build a connection of friendship and collaboration long into the future.”  

Giancarlo Pedavoli, Office Services Specialist at SCS, said the initiative of reusing furniture was something that aligns closely with SCS’s values. 

“We’re proud to have the opportunity to improve the quality of education and learning opportunities for children in the South Pacific,” he said.  

“It also speaks to our sustainability goals as we are creating a supportive response to the issue of used furniture and in turn providing valuable resources for schools like Hagara Primary School.

“We’re excited about continuing our involvement in the Education Support Project in 2024, working with Swire Shipping, Vanguard Logistics and Thomas Hassall Anglican College to help make a difference in the communities that need it most.”