It was the prospect of a new challenge on the other side of the globe—and perhaps the allure of some sunnier skies—that prompted Mithun Vaghela to continue his teaching journey in Australia.

After seven years teaching in central London, the science teacher made the decision to pack his bags and head abroad, and has found a new home at St Mary’s Cathedral College Sydney.

Mr Vaghela is one of a number of international teachers who have benefited from Sydney Catholic Schools’ (SCS) Teacher Sponsorship Program, which helps connect eligible and passionate teachers with one of SCS’ 147 primary and secondary schools.

SCS, as an approved Standard Business Sponsor, is able to sponsor teachers who are on visas under the government’s subclass 482 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa program and to lodge nominations and visa applications on behalf of schools.

In Mr Vaghela’s case, once he had made up his mind about moving overseas, Australia and Sydney in particular, was at the very top of his list.

“When I started to take a look into international opportunities, Australia definitely appealed to me the most,” he said.

“Sydney Catholic Schools offered the ideal locations where someone like myself would prefer to work.

“Coming from a busy city like London, teaching at a school in the heart of the city like St Mary’s was a natural fit.”

Having considered alternate schools and systems, Mr Vaghela said the entire process of joining St Mary’s was an incredibly easy one.

“It was really smooth all in all. With the time difference, I had a few difficult experiences at first with other schools but with Sydney Catholic Schools and St Mary’s it was really seamless,” he said.

“Kerrie, my principal, and the team at Sydney Catholic Schools were really supportive of the sponsorship and made things super easy on my behalf.”

“Curriculum-wise, it’s also been an easy transition and I was even able to talk with the Head of Science and get an understanding of the units and topics before I arrived.”

Mr Vaghela said the plan is to call Sydney home for the long term and sees Sydney Catholic Schools as the perfect place to live out his Australian dream.

“At Sydney Catholic Schools, you feel more connected to the leadership and the system, and I felt instantly supported in terms of my professional development.”

If you would like to find out more about the Teacher Sponsorship Program, including eligibility requirements, please contact the Talent Acquisition team at