“We have seen firsthand how a Catholic education helps students reach their potential. CEF financial bursaries have profoundly shaped these students’ lives, empowering them to discover their talents, passions, and capabilities” – Scott Wilson, LJ Harper

12 years and counting! That’s how long the generous and visionary team at LJ Harper have been supporting the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF).

Not only do LJ Harper specialise in the back-to-school resources found in Sydney Catholic Schools primary schools they demonstrate a commitment to giving back by making a financial contribution to CEF, whilst giving generously of their time and resources too.

Having seen firsthand the transformative power of CEF educational bursaries, Scott Wilson encourages other organisations to support the CEF. 

Let’s make a difference together! 👏

Five minutes with Scott Wilson from LJ Harper

Hi Scott. First of all, thank you to LJ Harper for their generous support of the CEF. Can you tell me a little bit about what LJ Harper does?

Our business specialises in providing resources for 70 SCS Primary schools including back-to-school essentials like textbooks, stationery, exercise books, literacy resources, student diaries, and more. Established in 1954, we’re celebrating our 70th anniversary this year. We understand the chaos of the new school year and are dedicated to easing the stress by supplying everything needed for a smooth return. We take pride in our strong relationships with schools and currently serve over 70 primary schools in the Sydney Catholic Schools network.

You have been kind enough to support the CEF for an incredible 12 years, can you tell us a bit about why LJ Harper does this?

LJ Harper has been a proud partner of the CEF since its inception in 2012. Right from the beginning we eagerly embraced the chance to give back to the schools and communities that have supported us for decades. We fully believe in the CEF’s mission to help families in need access Catholic education. From the start, I’ve been impressed by the CEF’s remarkable work in providing opportunities for families experiencing hardship.

Meeting many students who have benefited from these bursaries, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative impact of a Catholic education in helping them realise their potential. The CEF’s financial bursaries have profoundly shaped these students’ lives, empowering them to discover their talents, passions, and capabilities.

What would you say to other organisations who would like to make a positive impact in the lives of young people?

I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with the CEF. Not only does it offer a chance to give back to families and communities in need, but it also makes commercial sense. The CEF organises a variety of valuable networking events throughout the year, providing partners with opportunities to connect with both existing and potential new clients. It is a true partnership in every sense, and I deeply value the relationship we’ve built with the CEF over the past 12 years.