Our open days are now underway across all our 150 Sydney Catholic primary and secondary schools, making this the perfect time to visit and experience what’s on offer.

In each of our schools we nurture curiosity and a love of learning that responds to the needs of each student as they journey to adulthood.

We focus on the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy so our students can learn with confidence and success.

As educators we work collaboratively with parents and students to understand who our students are, what they need and who they want to be.

We encourage all prospective and current parents to visit one of our COVID safe open days and learn more about our system of schools, which is setting the educational agenda in Australia in a multitude of ways including our Amadeus Music Education Program, which is the biggest music education program ever undertaken in Australian schools.

Our ground-breaking sports program, which offers an all-age, all-abilities program for all students to enjoy in both competitive and non-competitive ways.

And our arts, business and tertiary partnerships, where our students collaborate with industry experts, to learn skills that will help them lead and thrive in the future.

Open day dates and times can be found on each school’s website. See our School Finder: sydcatholicschools.nsw.edu.au/enrolment/schools-and-parishes.

Alternatively, you can visit: sydcatholicschools.nsw.edu.au/2022-school-open-days.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our open days.

Tony Farley, Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools