From doctors to cleaners, all staff at Fairfield Hospital have been gifted hand-stitched felt hearts to keep in their pockets or handbags.

The 1000 hearts were made with love by the Minnie Vinnies at Marion Catholic Primary School Horsley Park.

The school’s Family Educator, Leonie Casha, said she hopes the hearts will remind hospital staff that their hard work is appreciated.

Marion Catholic Primary School students hold felt hearts they have made to donate

L-R: Laila Aprim, Natalia Romeo, Pasquale Demarte, Annabelle Baleos and George Nader with some of the hearts they have lovingly made for staff at Fairfield Hospital.

St Vincent de Paul Society’s Mini Vinnies program provides opportunities for primary school students to put their faith into action through volunteering, advocacy and fundraising.

As part of this, Mini Vinnies gather regularly to identify current social justice issues in their local community and discuss what they can do to help.

Ms Casha said after returning to school from remote learning, the Mini Vinnies decided they wanted to give back to the essential workers in their community including at Fairfield Hospital.

Fellow students, parents, parishioners, grandparents and friends helped them lovingly make the hearts which Ms Casha then personally delivered to Fairfield Hospital general manager, Paul Crowe, to give to staff.

The gesture moved the staff who presented Ms Casha with a certificate of appreciation to give to the students by way of thanks.

Marion Catholic Primary School Horsley Park students hold felt hearts made for staff at Fairfield Hospital

Marion Horsley Park students hold felt hearts made for staff at Fairfield Hospital.

“We in our community saw two firemen lose their lives during the summer bush fires – now, in the midst of COVID-19, we see the staff at the hospital working tirelessly and going about their work helping others,” Ms Casha said.

“Having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ really can help us with our mindfulness and staying positive.

“Sewing the hearts was a way to put our faith into action and give thanks to God for the helpers in our local community.”

The Mini Vinnies have kept on sewing and will next give hearts to Horsley Park firefighters and staff at nearby aged care facilities.


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