Family Educator

Following St Joseph’s example

A powerful prayer life throughout 2020 led Berala parishioner Ivica Kovac to a unique new role as a Sydney Catholic primary schools’ Family Educator.

“Encouraged by two priests, I was praying to St Joseph; I wanted to do something more,” Mr Kovac, who comes from an equipment rental business b …

February 5, 2021|

New Family Educators welcomed

Today we welcomed 16 new Family Educators into the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) family.

“It’s really exciting to actually have all our primary schools – bar three – with a Family Educator now,” SCS’ Educator Officer: Church Engagement, Bernadette Bridle, said.

“They’re all really eager an …

February 2, 2021|

Publicity to purpose

For more than 15 years, Laura Neeson owned a successful PR agency. She worked with big fashion, beauty and lifestyle labels but often felt she had to push her faith to the side to fit in.

It was on a life-changing pilgrimage to Medjugorje, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that the mother-of- …

September 15, 2020|