Sydney Catholic Schools is always proud of the great work being done by its staff and students, but never more so than at this unsettling time.

We’ve put together a collection that showcases the creativity and resilience of our teaching and learning communities.

Year 6 student Marcus Papic of Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Carnes Hill (pictured) admits remote learning can be challenging, but he’s found ways to make things easier, like calling friends up so they can work in a group, asking for revision work from teachers, and working in a quiet space.

“I can say that the whole experience of learning from home has given me a sense of achievement,” Marcus said. “The teachers at my school have put a lot of time and effort into making this sudden change to how we learn possible, and I think so far it has been beneficial … (including for) the development of my independence for learning and the development of the skills I require to be a good learner.”

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