A religious art exhibition featuring works by talented secondary students from across the Archdiocese of Sydney officially opened on Friday night.

The opening of Sydney Catholic School’s 2022 Clancy Religious Art Prize Exhibition included the announcement of 18 individual and collaborative works winners, including the coveted Executive Director’s Award.

Tony Farley, Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, bestowed his prize on a magnificent 10-panel photography artwork, titled ‘Bridge to Life’, by Holy Cross College Ryde students Jayden Gronau and Alistair Logan.

“It’s a beautiful and stunning representation of the bridge between heaven and earth that invites us to explore our relationship with each other and our relationship with God,” Mr Farley said.

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The annual Clancy Prize exhibition is a celebration of Sydney Catholic school students’ creativity and spirituality, expressed through visual arts, inspired by Cardinal Edward Clancy.

Sydney Catholic Schools' Executive Director, Tony Farley, goes over the choices while judging the 2022 Clancy Religious Art Prize

Sydney Catholic Schools’ Executive Director Tony Farley viewing the works on display at McGlade Gallery. Photo: Gene Ramirez

The artworks illustrate students’ understanding of this year’s exhibition theme: Scripture: The bridge between heaven and earth.

Taking part is a very practical way for students to unpack the inspiring verses that celebrate the goodness of God and, most importantly, it provides an opportunity for them to glorify God through their gifts and talents.

Sixty artworks ranging from sculptures and paintings to photographs and mixed media were entered into this year’s Clancy Religious Art Prize.

“To me it’s about how bringing Scripture alive in a contemporary way” – Clancy Prize coordinator, Ivanka Rancic


First-time judge, mural and sketch artist Danny Mulyono, was blown away by the level of talent showcased at the gallery space at Australian Catholic University.

Sydney mural artist Danny Mulyono is pictured with Clancy Religious Art Prize coordinator Ivanka Rancic and winning artwork Twelve Baskets.

Danny Mulyono is pictured with Ivanka Rancic in front of his favourite 2022 Clancy Prize entry, Twelve Baskets.

“When I think back to being their age, some of these techniques I wouldn’t have been doing then,” Mulyono mused.

Mulyono, who is widely known for his beautiful mural of Our Lady at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Georges Hall, said he felt honoured to be invited to judge the 23rd Clancy Prize.

“I didn’t know what to expect; I’m really impressed” – Danny Mulyono

The other judges were Mr Farley and Dr Victoria Carruthers. She is a senior lecturer in modern and contemporary art history at the Australian Catholic University, specialising in all aspects of visual culture from the 19th century to today.


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Packing Room Prize
  • Year 10 Visual Arts Collaborative – For their Mixed Media (Biro Drawing and Watercolour Painting) artwork: The Annunciation (St John Bosco College Engadine)
Sponsors’ award from Eckersley’s
ACU School of Education Award
ACU School of Arts Award 
Br Kelvin Canavan Prize
The Brian Jordan Prize

2nd Prize: Year 9 students for their collaborative sculpture: Earthly Connections (Freeman Catholic College Bonnyrigg Heights)

3rd Prize: Year 10 student Zac Coonan for his photography: My Connection to Heaven (Waverley College)

The Monsignor Doherty Prize

Stage 4 2nd Prize: Year 7.1 Religion students for their collaborative sculpture/painting/mixed media artwork: The Seven Pillars (De La Salle College Ashfield

3rd Prize: Year 8 students Bella Zampelas, Annica Vuong, Emma Maljevac, Alvin Lin, Natalia Hatem,Sarah Dang, Kelly Huang, Harrison Davies,Stella Lim, Renae Nguyen, Antheon Gabila and Xin Yu Qiao for their collaborative print: Jesus, Mary, Saint Marcellin Champagnat (Trinity Catholic College Auburn)

The Executive Director’s Award
  • Year 11 students Jayden Gronau and Alistair Logan for their photography panels: Bridge to Life (Holy Cross College Ryde)

View all the entries at McGlade Gallery on Australian Catholic University’s Strathfield Campus. The 2022 Clancy Religious Art Prize exhibition is showing until Friday, 5 August 2022.