Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) and Sydney Football Club (Sydney FC) are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership aimed at fostering the development of young football talents and enhancing educational opportunities for students within the SCS system.

The partnership will see SCS and Sydney FC collaborate on a variety of initiatives aimed at supporting the growth and education of school-age football players. 

Through the partnership, the two organisations will work together to identify and nurture talented young footballers within the SCS system, providing specialised development programs that focus on enhancing skills and potential.

SCS will work closely with Sydney FC to introduce football-related educational programs that align with the curriculum, offering students valuable insights into the sport’s technical, tactical, and strategic aspects. 

SCS students will have unique opportunities to learn from professional football coaching staff through mentorship programs, helping students gain insights into the world of football and develop critical life skills.

The partnership will also see the introduction of a dedicated Sydney FC/SCS Game Development Officer whose sole objective will be to encourage students to be involved in football. Jamie Dib, an alumnus of Trinity Catholic College Auburn, has been appointed to the role. 

The partnership reflects SCS and Sydney FC’s commitment to both academic excellence and sports development, creating a holistic learning experience for students, teachers, and families.

Declan Donohue, Manager of Sport at SCS, said the partnership will empower students both in and out of the classroom. 

“We are extremely excited to see our students benefit from the unique opportunities that Sydney FC will provide,” Mr Donohue said. 

“With Sydney FC’s help, we will be able to offer more support to students who have a passion and talent for football while also helping maintain a strong focus on their education” – Declan Donohue

“At SCS, we are strong believers in the power of sport to shape character and foster personal growth and this partnership is a perfect embodiment of that.” 

Sydney FC Chief Executive Officer Mark Aubrey said the partnership continues the club’s commitment to education and development of school age pupils.

“Developing young people and young footballers is central to Sydney FC’s values and philosophy,” he said.

“This partnership with SCS allows us to offer more opportunities for young girls and boys to increase their skills and abilities on the football field as well as off it” – Mark Aubrey

“We are looking forward to working with all of the students within the Sydney Catholic Schools system and giving them the specialised learning and mentoring our coaches can provide.”

The partnership was launched at Sky Park, Sydney FC’s new elite Centre of Excellence and training facility with Sky Blues CEO Mark Aubrey, Head Coach Steve Corica and Luke Brattan on hand to welcome and greet students from schools across the SCS organisation.