Sydney Catholic Schools’ Amadeus Music Education Program continues to gain momentum at an unprecedented scale as one of the most comprehensive and ambitious investments to enrich the musical experiences and opportunities for Sydney students.

The program is delivered by accomplished educators whose dedication to being consummate musicians themselves fuels their passion for inspiring and nurturing the next generation of young talent.

One of these educators is Julia Pokorny, a dedicated music teacher at St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Belfield and Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Cabramatta.

Outside of school, Ms Pokorny performs as an accomplished musician for the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, Bourbaki Orchestra and Strathfield Symphony. 

“I believe in the transformative power of music. Every child should have the opportunity to learn an instrument and experience the confidence and joy that music brings, regardless of their background,” Julia Pokorny said. 

The launch of the Amadeus program at 147 Sydney Catholic Schools has only further heightened Ms Pokorny’s enthusiasm for teaching music.

She continues to feel fulfilled as she witnesses the joy and progress of her students.

“The future of music education is programs like Amadeus. As they continue to thrive, the lasting impacts on students’ lives are invaluable,” Ms Pokorny said.  

Her involvement in orchestras has provided Ms Pokorny with a unique training ground, honing her skills and preparing her for challenges which she today shares with students to positively influence what she hopes will be a lifelong devotion.

“My passion for both performing and teaching fuels an enthusiasm that helps me bring a unique perspective to the classroom and further fosters my understanding of each of my students’ unique learning styles,” Julia Pokorny said.

Ms Pokorny’s journey into the world of music began at a young age. She recalls picking up the recorder and later transitioning to the violin when she was just eight years old.

At this stage, little did she know that this initial spark of curiosity would continue to evolve at first as a passion and eventually a long-term career.

“Initially, education was not on my radar, but a single request from a student looking for a tutor opened the door to a new chapter in my life,” Ms Pokorny said. 

Ms Pokorny encourages budding teachers considering a career in music education to embrace the journey, find their balance, and relish in the joy of witnessing students improve and grow.

Her advice to aspiring music educators is simple: “Go for it”.