More than 3800 students from the Sydney Archdiocese will represent their schools at the 2022 Sydney Catholic Schools Cross Country Championships. Here’s what you can expect.

Sydney Catholic Schools is proud to once again offer our students a unique opportunity to race at Sydney’s premier sporting circuit, Sydney Motorsport Park in Eastern Creek.

Athletes competing at Sydney Catholic Schools' 2021 combined Cross Country CarnivalThis year, secondary school athletes will compete in the Sydney Catholic Schools Cross Country Championships on Tuesday 24 May, and primary school athletes will compete on Wednesday 25 May. 

“In an exciting first for Sydney Catholic Schools, family, friends and competitors will be able to get real-time sports results in the palm of their hands while all the live action is unfolding,” Sydney Catholic Schools’ Manager for Sport, Damien Kerr, said.

“Simply download the SportSplits Real-Time Tracking app – via – and click on the ‘Tracker’ tab to get live results.”

Download the SportsSplits tracker mobile appOther features of the app include:

  • Push notifications for start times
  • Race stats including pace
  • Position of athletes on the map
  • Estimated finish  

Sydney Catholic Schools will also be live streaming the Cross Country Championships on both days at:

Plus, coverage of the event will feature on the Sydney Catholic School website, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram


The 2022 Cross Country Championships will involve 150 Sydney Catholic schools and six congregational schools competing in:

  8/9 years    Primary    2km course    2km course
  10 years    Primary    2km course    2km course
  Multi Class      Primary    2km course    2km course
  11 years    Primary    3km course    3km course
  12/13 years    Primary    3km course    3km course
  12 years    Secondary    3km course    3km course
  13 years    Secondary    3km course    3km course
  Multi Class    Secondary    3km course    3km course
  14 years    Secondary    4km course    4km course
  15 years    Secondary    4km course    4km course
  16 years    Secondary    6km course    4km course
  17 years    Secondary    6km course    4km course
  18+ years    Secondary       8km course       6km course   

Each race will start on the grass area and then move onto the asphalt. Click here for the Day 1 (Secondary) courses and here for the Day 2 (Primary) courses. 

Participants will be given a customised bib to wear at the championships, which is not only a memento for students but also serves the purpose of getting students into the correct race.


Selected cross country champions will return to Sydney Motorsport Park on Tuesday, 7 June, for the Catholic Primary Schools Championships (Primary) and NSW Combined Catholic Colleges Championships (Secondary).

2021 Cross Country action 24At the Catholic Primary Schools and Combined Catholic College Championships, athletes will vie for spots at the NSW All Schools Championships on Friday, 22 July, also at Sydney Motorsport Park.

“Sydney Catholic Schools is proud to provide our students with the opportunity to participate in a wider variety of sports at school, as well as increased opportunities to trial and represent at a state and national level” – Damien Kerr


Sydney Catholic Schools’ new Cross Country Championships page houses other valuable information about the upcoming 24-25 May event, including FAQs, course maps, a virtual walk-through, and further app information. 


“Whether you are an elite athlete or simply a lover of sport, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a student in Sydney Catholic Schools,” said Mr Kerr

He said the Cross Country Championships is just one of many avenues to build students’ confidence and important life skills, such as teamwork and resilience, through sports.

Basketball action on day one of the Sydney Catholic Schools inter-school sports competition

Earlier this year the system’s inaugural Thursday afternoon inter-school sports competition was launched, giving every secondary school student the opportunity to compete against their peers in an organised conference format that will culminate in a Sydney-wide championship final every school term. 

Plus an exciting new multiclass sports program featuring opportunities to play the high-intensity Paralympic sport for visually impaired athletes, goalball, and other Paralympic sports was launched. 

And Sydney Catholic schools are starting to offer extra-curricular out-of-school-hours sports activities for both primary and secondary school students, including during school holidays, to help students build the confidence and capability to be active for life. 

Sydney Catholic Schools Autumn Championships Basketball“The Sports program is an additional offering to the PDHPE curriculum, meaning MORE SPORT FOR EVERYONE during school time and after school,” said Mr Kerr.

As 2022 unfolds, along with 221 inter-school primary and secondary sports events, new sports will be made available, current sports enhanced and connections made with broader sporting associations and communities.

With our year-long sporting calendar, Sydney Catholic Schools is working to have the strongest underage sporting competition in the country. The Cross Country Championship is just one example of how our talent can be identified, encouraged and grown.