Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) has launched a brand-new podcast ‘So You Want To Be…’, to inspire listeners by hearing from some of Australia’s most influential and successful people.

Each episode explores the lives of household names who are leading their respective fields, providing a rare insight into their unique journeys while sharing incredible advice. 

In Episode One, Channel Nine’s Georgie Gardner gets season one underway as she reveals what it takes to make it as a journalist, and the scoop on pursuing a career in media.

We then explore the remarkable and diverse careers of Colin Fassnidge, Shelley Craft, Her Excellency Margaret Beazley, and five-time Paralympian, Ryley Batt. 

Completing the lineup are emerging Bondi Rescue star Chase Hardaker, along with two of the nation’s most prominent and highly-regarded doctors, Dr Fiona Wood and Dr Randall Greenberg.

Along with a star-studded list of talent, each episode features an SCS student as a co-host who has a particular interest in the area of expertise being studied. 

We unpack how these famous faces’ education, teachers, subjects and choices they made while they were at school, guided them towards their own unique path to success.  

It’s a must-listen for those seeking insight into the starting points of their dream careers, with advice from those actively living them. 

Through their inspiring stories, genuine wisdom, and reflections on seriously impressive careers, listeners are guided toward their own path to success.

Every installment links directly to a range of offerings that are exclusive to Sydney Catholic Schools, including programs across Literacy, STEM, Sport, and Vocational Education and Training. 

The podcast isn’t just a fantastic listen for our students, but the whole family with tips, tricks and advice that can be applied to any career. 

All eight episodes of Season One are available to listen to right now, wherever you normally find your podcasts, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube