Students at St John Bosco Catholic Primary School Engadine have stretched their creative muscles in their first performance of much-loved production Matilda Jnr, The Musical.

Based on Roald Dahl’s classic novel, it sees an exceptional five-year old triumph over uncaring parents and an unpleasant school headmistress with imagination, resilience, and intelligence help her

More than 100 students are involved in the production, with students lending their talent as actors, singers, dancers, stagehands for props and backdrop, and curtain crew.

Lottie Wilson, in Year 4, plays the lead role of Matilda. Her audition surprised teachers who had no idea she could sing.

“When I sang the teachers said they were really shocked by my voice,” she said.

“I really like playing Matilda because she is a strong character, and she stands up for herself.” – Lottie Wilson

“It’s a really fun experience to work with other people and interesting to see what they can do.”

Year 5 student Maeve Bishop has found her assertive side while preparing for her role as Miss Trunchbull.

“I get told a lot to be fiercer!” Maeve said.

“She [Miss Trunchbull] is headmistress in Matilda’s school and she is very mean to all the kids. I like to play her character because she has some really funny moments.”

Acting Principal Mark Abad said the musical was just one opportunity in the school’s rich creative arts program that allows students to nurture and explore their creative talents.

It is the third musical the school has rehearsed since 2019 and the second one staged (the school’s 2021 offering, High School Musical, was cancelled due to COVID).

At St John Bosco we value the creative arts, recognising it as a vital way for students to authentically express themselves,” he said.

Led by the talented Miss Michelle White and Mrs Lucy Benjamin, our school has been working tirelessly to ensure this performance is like no other.”