Students and staff at Bethlehem Catholic College Ashfield have been giving up their lunchtimes to knit care squares for blankets that will warm those in need around the world.

The school’s learning resource teacher, Katheryn Gallagher, came up with the idea of students learning knitting after attending a knit-in for charity that made her feel privileged to be in the presence of others using their skills for the better good.

Students and staff come together every Wednesday lunchtime in the library resource centre to knit squares for charity group Wrap With Love which “wraps” more than 30,000 people with love and warmth each year, both in Australia and globally.

“Our learning resource centre is a magnificent space, conducive to a knitting circle and our library staff have gone out of their way to accommodate us,” Ms Gallagher said.

“Because of COVID-19, the girls are socially distanced but interconnected through knitting; whether chatting to each other or sitting together in silence, they are unified in their goal to make a blanket for those less fortunate.”

School librarian Christine Graham said the knitting group, and games set out on nearby tables, give students the opportunity to make intergroup connections and develop friendships across year groups.

Year 10 student Chloe Juwono said knitting was therapeutic and a nice way to unwind after a hard day at school, while Year 8 student Chloe Dionisio said it was a great way to help the homeless and provide them with things they may not have access to.

Ms Gallagher concluded: “If girls sit, socialise and make friends; then job done.”

Wrap With Love is always looking for knitters. Call them Wednesdays and Fridays 9.30am to 2.30pm on (02) 8399 3000 or email:


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