Gabriel Liu joined the Adopt-A-Park program with his family a few years ago, and helps to clean up his neighbourhood park once a month. 

It is among the reasons the Eileen O’Connor Catholic College Lewisham student has received a 2021 Archbishop’s Award for Student Excellence.

“The work includes picking up rubbish, planting new trees and watering the garden, so we can enjoy a clean and nice environment,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel has also given his time to youth group fundraising activities, his church choir, and serving morning tea after Mass.

Another outlet for his love of cooking was serving in the school cafe at Eileen O’Connor.

“It is definitely one of my happiest moments” – Gabriel Liu

Gabriel said he liked the social and teamwork aspects of volunteering, and was excited to receive the Archbishop’s Award.

“Some of the work I’ve done has been really fun,” he said.

“I like to see other people feeling happy and living in a clean environment.

“I feel very honoured to receive such an award and at the same time very grateful to all my teachers in Eileen O’Connor and my family for teaching me and guiding me.”