Dance – Classical

Introducing the Dance – Classical winners of our first ever Sydney Catholic Schools’ Lockdown Arts Festival.

To view the amazing dance moves of all our category winners and highly commended artists – including the creators’ descriptions of their own work – simply click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner of the video playlist below.  

Early Primary (K-2)

School: St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School, HOLSWORTHY
Title: Classical Dance
Watch the performance here.

School: Villa Maria Catholic Primary School, HUNTERS HILL
Title: Snow!
It is an expressive dance where It starts snowing and I dance and enjoy it and then end up in a snow fight. It is an adaptation of the RAD curriculum.

Watch the performance here.

Middle Primary (3-4)

School: McAuley Catholic Primary School, ROSE BAY
Title: Ballet is not just for girls!
Walters ballet waltz slow. Walter just turned 9 at the end of lockdown and is in year 3. He just loves Ballet.

Watch the performance here.

Lower Secondary (7-9)

School: Our Lady of Mercy College, CRONULLA
Title: The Face
This is a lyrical dance but it could come under the contemporary or classical categories because it has elements of contemporary dance, but it is also very balletic. I learnt this dance just before lockdown. I haven’t had a chance to perform it on stage yet and can’t wait until I do. This is choreographed by Alex Borg (former dancer at Sydney Dance Company) and is an original piece choreographed for myself, Lara Best.

Watch the performance here.

Family Submission

School: St Finbar’s Catholic Primary School, SANS SOUCI
Title: When Will My Life Begin?
Lillian and Abigail are wondering when will their life begin outside of lockdown. Music by Mandy Moore and choreography by Studio 23 Dance Peakhurst (permission given).

Watch the performance here.