Nerayo S.
St. Francis Catholic College, Edmondson Park

Mary’s Fiat

It is in the passage Luke 1: 26-36, that we learn how the Angel Gabriel is sent by God, telling Mary that she is chosen to be the mother of the Saviour of the world. He told her that the Holy Spirit will come and overshadow her. As a three month old baby, I was in the ICU of the Randwick Children’s Hospital, with a Haemangioma blocking ninety percent of my airways. My mum spent everyday in church praying and trusting in God’s will. She is my example of Mary. The word “Fiat” means ‘Let it be done’.

This scripture is the perfect example to me of Mary’s faith and trust in God and His will for her so, she too teaches and challenges me to do the same, that even when life is difficult, I can give my life over to God like Mary. When I enter some churches, the stained glass windows stream through light and illuminate beautiful images. Most times they are from the bible, which tells us of our faith through symbols and signs.I used the symbol of the Dove to show the Holy Spirit present with Mary seated in humility as she hears the news from Angel Gabriel.