Leila V.
St. Joseph’s Catholic Parish Primary School, Bulli

A Blessed Beginning

‘A Blessed Beginning’ is my visualisation of ‘The Annunciation’, Luke 1:26-36.
The fig tree in my artwork is Mary when she learnt that she would become a mother. Mary bears baby Jesus, while the fig tree bears fruit. The tree gives life, protects and nurtures. Mary is a young woman who carries great responsibility for the future of the world. Mary also has a pure and simple love for her baby.

In difficult times I find peace in the natural environment. Finding beauty in nature helps me feel supported and this is the connection I have made by representing Mary as a tree. Mary is hidden in the tree, while at the same time she is the tree. Her branches are strong and flexible. Her roots make her stable and grounded. She stands courageously in the face of strong winds and struggles.

I used watercolour pencil and paint because I believe this portrays Mary’s gentle and nurturing character. The dappled light, shining through the canopy of the tree symbolises the archangel Gabriel, who came to tell Mary she would be the mother of Jesus our Saviour. This truly was a blessed beginning.

Leila V, Christmas Art Story Second Prize Year 6
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