Georgia Xanthos
St Luke’s Catholic Primary School, Revesby
Mary’s Faithful Journey into Jesus’ Future

It was a normal day for young Mary as she went about her daily chores, when suddenly she was approached by the angel Gabriel. Mary pondered what Gabriel’s message would mean to her future. Then Mary said “Yes” to God, to bear His son and to begin the path of her faithful journey. I wanted to capture her initial surprise during this important moment. Mary is an inspiration to me because she put her faith in God’s word and trusted him totally. Her example offers us strength to follow God’s will in our own lives.

In the prayer garden of my school there is a large Jen Norton print of the ‘Hail Mary’. During a visit there this particular artwork caught my eye and I became inspired by Jen Norton’s unique style and her beautiful artworks. My artwork is an appropriation of her work called ‘Annunciation’.
Coloured pencils, gold pen and gold leaf were the mediums used in my artwork. I used a variety of techniques such as blending, cross hatching and shading. Each symbol, located on Gabriel’s gown, reveals significant events in Jesus’ future. The gold leaf, applied to the background, implies the sacredness of Gabriel’s message.

No.95 Georgia Xanthos, St Luke's Revesby, Mary's Faithful Journey into Jesus' Future
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