Jeramae G.
St. Mark’s Catholic Primary School Drummoyne

The Embrace

My artwork, ‘The Embrace,’ is an adaptation of ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt. I chose to create an artwork inspired by ‘The Kiss’ as it represented the mystical union of spiritual love and the merging of the individual with the eternal cosmos. As you can see in my artwork, Mary accepted God’s will with a hug that symbolises Mary’s embracement to us. Its diverse patterns represent our faith, when Mary said “YES” to God, to bear his only son. The ceramic jars and the different varieties of flowers, represents Mary’s humble beginnings and her purity, which the Lord truly favours. The stars represent the light inside Mary, which is also a representation of God’s grace upon her.

My artwork is sketched, with the use of lead pencils, depicting our dark and miserable world, full of sin, struggles, violence and conflicts between humans, before Christ was born. The background is washed with a pearl shine illuminating the iridescence of ‘The Embrace’. Finally, Mary’s facial expression, as seen in the artwork, shows a level of uncertainty, however, her faithfulness and devotion to God overcame any fear inside her. This genuinely strengthened her to accept God’s will, knowing what the future holds for her, as soon as she accepted God’s proposal.