Rosalia B.
St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Enfield

The Internal Bond of Love

I was inspired by the scripture Matthew 1:18-25; 2:9-12, in particular the birth of Christ and what the Magi saw – ‘the child with Mary his mother.’ This love depicted through the mother and son can also represent God’s love for us. I also wanted to focus on the bond of love between Mary and Jesus that can not be broken by time, distance or even death.

I have placed the baby Jesus wrapped in the arms of His mother similar to the shape of a heart to symbolise the love between a mother and child. This also demonstrates the bond with our mothers who are always in our hearts. Mary is the greatest of all mothers and ‘full of grace’ as God lived within her. I used light around Mary and Jesus to show that she was filled with the Holy Spirit and bright colours to reflect the joy she felt when Jesus was born. I used mixed media Posca paints and colour pencils to create this effect. I drew inspiration from colourful paintings, particularly the style of Gustav Klimt.

Rosalia B. Christmas Art Story Second Prize Year 5
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