Lara A.
St. John’s Catholic Primary School Auburn

The Glory Almighty

I chose to base my artwork on the scripture passage ‘The Birth of Jesus and the Visit of the Magi’ (Matthew 2:9-12) because I think this reading highlights a very significant and special time. I also believe we should always remember this glorious event.

I used a black gesso base for my painting to create depth of colour. I included earthy colours to show the natural scene and time in history. I have used emerald green for Mary and Joseph to represent the colour of royalty. In the background I have painted homes and caves to show what Bethlehem was like at the time of Jesus’ birth. I have used circular, golden strokes around the Christmas star and the baby Jesus to represent the connection between the two. The star is significant because it is what led the shepherds to baby Jesus that night and it continues to remind us of Jesus’ birth many years later.

The three Magi have a surprised expression to show how they were feeling about the birth of the glorious baby Jesus. I worked hard to capture Mary’s feelings of happiness and joy when Jesus was born.