Gergo Orgovanyi
St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Sutherland

The Shepherds

The inspiration for this scripture was Luke 2:9-14. The scripture says: Suddenly the angels appeared to the shepherds in great light as you can see in my painting that the divine light was so unbearable, the shepherds had to shield their eyes with their hands.  The angels announced the birth of Jesus, the Saviour of the world. They were astonished, confused and afraid as depicted in the facial expression from the shepherds.

I chose to draw the shepherds because God chose shepherds to receive the glorious angelic announcement of the birth of Christ. God clearly saw significance in the role of shepherding.

In my artwork I tried to emphasize how scared they were and how hard it would have been to believe what the angels were saying. Sometimes things may be hard to believe but if you have faith and follow the right path you realise that they are real.

No. 63 Gergo Orgovanyi, St Patrick's Sutherland, The Shepherds
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