Joining the junior school of St Mary’s Cathedral College Sydney marks the beginning of an enriching experience with a specialist music and academic education that is highly rewarding.

The St Mary’s Cathedral Junior School is Sydney’s only Catholic specialist music primary school.

It is part of the prestigious St Mary’s Cathedral College, in the heart of Sydney and home to Australia’s oldest music choir, where expert teachers cater to musicians and choristers with a passion for music. 

The choir, which has sung for Pope Francis at the Vatican – with their performance broadcast to millions – is now accepting enrolments from boys in Years 3 to 6 and is also offering scholarships for Choir candidates. 

An enriching opportunity

The St Mary’s Cathedral College Junior School Choir program includes two years of piano tuition, starting in Year 3. Students then choose an orchestral or band instrument to learn. 

The choir’s weekly schedule includes seven rehearsals, private singing lessons, music and instrument tuition with instruments provided, as well as three performances. Transport services are also provided to help choristers get to rehearsals.

The road to musical success
A student and parent of St Mary's Cathedral College and choir in the classroom.

Bede Byrne (pictured with his mum Mary) enjoys the life of a St Mary’s Cathedral chorister. Photo: Zane Wilson

Bede Byrne joined the choir at St Mary’s Cathedral College Junior School when he was in Year 3. He’s now in Year 6 and plays the trumpet.

The scholarship-holder came to the choir with a love of singing and no formal music training. The school nurtured his inner musician.

According to Bede’s mother, Mary Byrne, “They look at your potential, rather than at your pre-existing skills. 

“It’s an amazing experience, from a musical and an intellectual or academic perspective” – Mary Byrne 

Further music education opportunities

St Mary's Cathedral College's junior school music program includes music tuition and ensembles in a range of genres.The St Mary’s Cathedral College Junior School also offers a music program. It includes a weekly half-hour private music lesson and band or ensemble practice every Friday morning.

Penny Banis’ two youngest sons – Andrew, in Year 5, and George, in Year 6 – are enrolled in the program. Andrew plays the oboe and George plays the clarinet.

“The school was great in that they let Andrew and George make their own choices in what instrument they wanted to play but also guided them,” Mrs Banis said.

“I really think it’s beneficial for them to be learning an instrument.”

“It’s good for the brain and being in a band makes it more collaborative” – Penny Banis 

“They are gaining knowledge, and they have a lot of fun,” Mrs Banis added.

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