The journey to stardom is often filled with unexpected twists, remarkable experiences, and the discovery of one’s unique voice.

St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School South Hurstville student Gezel, an exceptionally talented young singer, is currently making waves on the latest season of The Voice Australia as the youngest contestant ever. 

At just 12 years old, she has managed to captivate the hearts of audiences and judges alike with her powerful performances and undeniable stage presence.

Gezel’s journey on The Voice began with a leap of faith and an unwavering passion for music. In a recent interview, she shared how her journey to the show was inspired by her family’s encouragement and her own love for the art form. 

“I’ve been watching The Voice since I was really little. My family and I have always talked about me entering the competition and what a great experience it would be,” Gezel said.

One of the most striking aspects of Gezel’s participation in The Voice is her age. In an era where the minimum age requirements for singing competitions are usually around 15 years of age, Gezel’s presence as one of the youngest contestants globally is groundbreaking. 

Her journey underscores the power of passion and determination, defying conventional age limits.

Gezel’s love of performing has been nurtured both inside and outside the classroom. She shared how Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) has been supportive of her artistic pursuits. 

“I had previously only performed in front of a live audience eight times before my first audition on The Voice. 

“One of these performances was with SCS for a musical showcase at Qudos Bank Arena, where I had the chance to perform in a stadium that holds 11,000 people,” Gezel said.

The journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but Gezel has met each obstacle with resilience and determination. 

As she continues to navigate The Voice competition, Gezel is learning valuable lessons not only about singing but also about commitment and hard work. 

Learning how to use a microphone and mastering harmonies are just a few examples of the learning curves she has faced. 

Gezel’s journey serves as an inspiration to young artists everywhere, highlighting the importance of perseverance and continuous growth. 

Her singing style sets her apart from her peers, described as a blend of rock and blues with a mature voice beyond her years.

Gezel’s versatility and unique sound allow her to tackle various genres with ease, a trait that has drawn the attention of the judges and audiences alike. 

Despite her youth, Gezel exudes confidence and authenticity, making her performances truly memorable.

With the possibility of going far in the competition, Gezel’s focus remains on the journey itself. Her desire for experience and growth speaks to her deep passion for music and the arts. 

Her grounded approach to her experience in the competition so far emphasises the importance of embracing every moment and learning from each experience.

As Gezel continues to captivate audiences on The Voice she serves as an inspiration to aspiring young artists both here in Australia and around the world. 

For her St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School South Hurstville classmates watching her on The Voice at home, Gezel has the following message to share.

“Thank you for all your support and I hope you enjoy my performances on the show. Make sure to keep watching every episode to see how far I go in the competition,” Gezel said.