Sydney Catholic Schools’ (SCS) network of St George schools is proudly dedicated to providing an unparalleled education for the gifted student. 

With 19 primary and secondary Catholic schools in the St George network of schools, Sydney Catholic Schools offer an array of programs  catering for high-achieving students, providing an environment that stimulates, challenges and helps them realise their potential. 

Our gifted education teachers network to upskill and share ideas and resources, ensuring students benefit from a wide variety of gifted education strategies and across-school opportunities.


Gifted students within the St George network are identified at an early age and supported at all stages of their learning journey, not just in the later primary or secondary years. 

As students move from SCS primary schools to an SCS secondary school, their gifted background will be known, allowing for a seamless learning transition.

The St George network of schools run a variety of complimentary gifted education programs, including the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program

These specialist gifted education programs are embedded within our schools, allowing gifted students to maintain their regular friendship groups, thereby nurturing students’ emotional and social wellbeing while extending and challenging them intellectually.


Our Catholic schools in the St George network recognise that gifted students have specialised needs and require a tailored approach to learning that goes beyond the traditional classroom. 

Alongside the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program, each school also facilitates their own programs and initiatives for gifted and talented students. 

For example, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Kogarah and St Mary’s Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School Hurstville both run Maths Olympiads; Mater Dei Catholic Primary School Blakehurst students have been working with Dr Simon Crook, a mentor for gifted science kids; and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Rockdale are collaborating with Bethany Catholic College Hurstville in the creative and performing arts space. 

While there is a concerted focus on supporting gifted students in the academic space, the network also provides opportunities in art, music, drama and dance, giving each student the chance to foster their unique abilities. 


Mary Leask, Principal of St Ursula’s College Kingsgrove, said it’s an exciting time to be part of the St George network of schools.

“There are great things happening right across our network for gifted students,” Mrs Leask said. 

“It’s a a vibrant, responsive community where each student is encouraged to learn and grow, and gifted students are motivated to strive for something beyond their own expectations” – Mary Leask 

Mrs Leask said the connectedness of the network is a major benefit and provides students with a host of benefits. 

“We’re able to share ideas, resources and opportunities throughout our schools, and can offer a continuum of learning for students as they transition from primary to secondary—their learning goes with them,” she said. 

“Every teacher who teaches a Newman class also has to have a qualification in gifted education—that doesn’t happen in every school and it’s a pedagogical approach that sets us apart.

“Ultimately, we want parents and carers to understand that we are a network where we support curiosity, intellectual rigour, and where every student is encouraged to thrive,” Mrs Leask said.