School Fees

Sydney Catholic Schools charge tuition fees for all primary schools and secondary colleges, inclusive of all books in Primary Schools. The fees vary depending on the socio-economic ranking of the area in which the school is located. In addition to tuition fees, there are school based charges for specific subjects, excursions, specialist sports and building works, repairs and maintenance. A reduction applies for each additional child enrolled at the school.

Fee Assistance

We offer an affordable Catholic education of the highest standard, with a deeply held philosophical commitment at all levels (our archdiocese, system, parish and school) that no Catholic family should be denied a Catholic education due to a genuine incapacity to pay all, or part of, their children’s school fees.


Parents requiring fee assistance to meet the cost of educating their child, may be eligible for a bursary from the Catholic Education Foundation. Each bursary is open to students enrolled within the Sydney Catholic School system from Kindergarten to Year 12 through one of three bursary categories:

  • Financial Hardship Bursary
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bursary
  • Refugee Bursary
Need Support?

If you need support please directly contact the school you are applying for. You can find their contact details using the school finder.