To apply to enrol your child in a Sydney Catholic Schools’ school, contact the school Principal or the school’s Enrolment Secretary who will advise you of the procedures. The school will provide you with an Enrolment Pack which will contain all the information you will need, including the application forms.

While you can apply to enrol your child in a Sydney Catholic school at any time of the year (pending places being available), in most cases there is a formal enrolment period which runs from March to May for enrolments in the following year, although that varies on occasion due to special circumstances. Please contact your local school for further information about the best time to enrol your child. There is strong demand for places in many Catholic schools so it is important to make your application before the advertised closing dates. Catholic Schools Week, which is a state-wide celebration of Catholic education, also takes place during the ‘formal’ enrolment period.


Parents are interviewed by the Principal before the enrolment is finalised. The documents you will need to provide at the interview include your child’s Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate and immunisation records. A passport, with documents validating your child’s current Visa status, will also be needed if you do not hold Australian citizenship. Secondary schools may also require primary school reports and a reference from the Parish Priest. The school will advise of any other relevant requirements.

Most schools have an Orientation Program in Term 4 of the year prior to commencement at the school. This program provides important information to students and parents on what is expected and required at the school and also helps students to settle more quickly when they start at the school.

For more information, or to make an application for enrolment, contact your parish primary school or local secondary college.

Students with Special Needs

The first point of contact for enrolment of students with special needs into a Catholic school is the Principal of the school in which you wish to enrol your child.

A student may be deemed as having ‘special educational needs’ if in endeavouring to offer the student equitable access to educational opportunities, modifications need to be made to curricula, assessment procedures, or modes of course delivery, or, if the provision of special equipment or suitably trained staff is required.

It is recognised that the provision of appropriate educational opportunities for all students, but especially for those students with special needs, involves a partnership between school staff and parents/caregivers.


Tuition fees are charged for all systemic primary and secondary colleges. In 2015, Sydney Catholic Schools moved to a differentiated school tuition fee model. This means that the will be slight variations in tuition fees from school to school, depending on the socio-economic rating of the area in which the school is located.

On average, the tuition fees for a Year 7-8 student are around $1,600 per year, for a Year 9-10 student, around $1,700 per year and for a Year 11-12 student around $2,200 per year. As mentioned, there will be some minor variations between schools.

As well as tuition fees, there are some separate school-based charges (sport, excursions, technology etc) and a School Building Levy. This levy is used to help pay for the loans taken out by the parish or the SCS Sydney to cover building works, repairs and maintenance in school buildings.

At HSC level, there may also be some charges for specific subjects (eg, Woodwork, Construction etc).

Parents who need support to meet the cost of educating their child in a systemic Catholic school may be eligible for a bursary through the Catholic Education Foundation. Information about the Catholic Education Foundation can be obtained from your local Catholic school.

Contact your local Catholic school for more information about the school fees charged by that school.

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