Chelsea P.
St. Therese Catholic Primary School, Sadleir

The inspiration for my artwork is based on the Scripture of The Annunciation. The name for my artwork is ‘Purete’, the French word meaning pure. As such, the doves in my sketch represent purity, which is a symbol in the Annunciation. Mary, as she was a virgin, was asked to be the mother of Jesus through Immaculate Conception. Doves also symbolise new beginnings and prosperity in my artwork and display the beginning of Jesus’ life and the prosperity to follow his birth.

My creation is drawn with charcoal, which creates a rich illusion of highlights and shadows, therefore creating a life-like appearance in the artwork. This allows the audience to relate to the artwork and see themselves in the drawing. This is important because The Annunciation is the foundation of our Catholic faith and I want others to share in the faith with me.

ChelseaD Christmas Art Story Executive Director's Award
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