Highly Commended – Year 5

Zoe M.
Villa Maria Catholic Primary School, Hunters Hill

Peace and New Beginning 

In my artwork I painted Mary and Jesus. Mary’s face is not visible in the painting, but I used watercolour paints to replicate how Mary would hold Jesus, as her hands are delicate and support him with love. Mary’s robes are coloured ultramarine, as in classic artworks this is a widely favoured colour used for her clothing. The gold embroideries on her sleeve signify her holiness. Floating from Mary’s hands, there is a mist indicating the morning, and therefore a new beginning.
The olive branches signify peace among all, and the two additions to the artwork convey that Jesus will bring new peace to the world. The star behind Mary and Jesus is the same star that led the Shepherds and Magi to the stable where Jesus was born. It shows the light He will bring on the new day. This light inspired me to show Mary holding this precious gift for the world to see.
“And they shall call him Immanuel”
Mary’s hands are visible in the painting depicting holiness and humility, showing that, ‘God is with us.’