2020 World Teachers Day Award Recipients
Let’s send virtual apples to all our amazing teachers on World Teachers’ Day (Friday 30 October).

What better day to recognise seven of Sydney Catholic Schools’ (SCS) teachers, who have been named winners of the Teachers’ Guild of NSW 2020 World Teachers’ Recognition Awards.

The awards publicly acknowledges teachers who have made a wonderful contribution to their school in advancing the education profession.

“It is an honour to have such fabulous role models for our young people in so many of our schools,” SCS’ Director of Education and Research, Dr Kate O’Brien, said.

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Mosman Year 2 teacher, Miss Charlotte Allen high-fives a pupil

Sacred Heart Mosman Year 2 teacher,  Charlotte Allen, high-fives a pupil.

“We thank you for your expertise and commitment,” Dr O’Brien said. “These awards are validation of the teaching excellence that exists in our classrooms across the system … (they) celebrate the exemplary role models that our teachers are for our students.”

SCS’ 2020 World Teachers Recognition Award recipients are:

“My Year Two’s asked if I got a scratch and sniff sticker as a reward – oh, I love how the minds of 8-year-olds work,” laughed Ms Allen.

Ms Ripepi said receiving this award was “definitely” a highlight of her professional career, and Ms Wagner described getting this recognition as “a wonderful, affirming and uplifting feeling.”

Reflecting on her teaching practice and how it contributed towards her win, Ms Jammal said she strongly believes “it is fundamental to view students from a lens of individuality, rather than that of uniformity.”

“I embed this philosophy into my pedagogical practice, in addition to creating a culture of high expectations for all students,” Ms Jammal said.

“My Year Two’s were very excited for me and said they were not surprised at all as they think I should have got an award a long time ago” – Charlotte Allen

“It is imperative that each student feels a level of success relevant to their capabilities,” Ms Jammal continued.

“This is made possible by knowing your students and developing a good relationship with them – I always strive toward this.”

St John Bosco College Engadine Award Recipients

L-R: Karen Perrett, Kevin Kennedy and Melinda Wagner from St John Bosco College Engadine. Photo: Kitty Beale

More teaching accolades

Ashley Hanning and Paolo Torresan, teachers at Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton and Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba respectively, have been named finalists for the Award for Teachers in their Early Years of Teaching by the Teachers’ Guild of NSW.

“I think sometimes beginning teachers take a step back, because we’re concerned to put ourselves out there,” Ms Hanning said.

For Mr Torressan the “real reward” is being able to teach in a Catholic school. “That gives me the zeal to continue inspiring others in my job every day,” he said.

Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood head of teaching and learning, Melissa Carson, has meantime been named a Research Award finalist.

“This award shows that beginning teachers too can be leaders in the field” – Ashley Hanning 

Ms Carson, who also won a 2019 World Teacher’ Recognition Award, said she was grateful for the nomination and also acknowledged the hard work of her colleagues “in shaping a culture of excellence in teaching and learning.”

“Understanding theory and spending all that time doing research and lifting the bar of academia is the right way to go,” she added.

Guild president, Dr Frederick Osman, said he “greatly admires the commitment of teachers in enhancing their professional knowledge, improving teaching practice, finding new ways to engage with students, and developing and fostering relationships with the wider community.”

The teachers received their awards during a virtual streaming event on Friday 23 October.