In case you missed it, you can tune in to our Family Forum right here:

Sydney Catholic Schools Second Family Forum on wellbeing

Dr Jacqueline Frost and Mr Tony Farley at Sydney Catholic Schools’ second Family Forum

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) hosted its second, live and online Family Forum for parents, carers and staff with more than 1000 people joining to hear about Student Wellbeing.

Hosted by Executive Director, Tony Farley and featuring Dr Jacqueline Frost, Chief of Staff, and Dr Kate O’Brien, Director of Education and Research, the Family Forum centred on the principles and programs being run by SCS to ensure that students feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually secure.

According to SCS Executive Director, Tony Farley: “For us, it’s a simple philosophy.  Once we get well-being right, learning happens.

“As our students move through 13 years of schooling – life necessarily involves challenges and setbacks.  These are unavoidable but learning how to effectively manage these difficult life experiences is resilience and helping to develop resilience in our students is an essential component of the education we offer,” he said.

The Family Forum covered topics including the importance of belonging, the role of wellbeing in the classroom, respectful relationships, managing behaviour and the role of diversity and inclusion in students feeling safe and respected. The session also discussed mental health, anti-bullying, and positive behaviour strategies.

Throughout the interactive forum, the audience was invited to vote for topics they wanted the hosts to expand on further.

Dr Kate O'Brien at Sydney Catholic Schools' second Family Forum

Dr Kate O’Brien at Sydney Catholic Schools’ second Family Forum

“The feedback from everyone who participated has been great and we know that parents are eager to learn as much as they can to support the wellbeing of their children.  It’s tough right now with lockdown and remote learning.

“We all have a human need to be part of a family, a friendship group, and a community so it’s important to remind and reassure our parents that our SCS community is strong, enduring and committed to each student,” he said.

Each term, the forum will focus on a different theme to give our families greater insight into how we are delivering on our commitment to building thriving Catholic communities.