At a time of uncertainty and challenge, more and more parents are choosing one of our 150 schools to educate their children,  writes Sydney Catholic Schools’ Executive Director, Tony Farley.

Sydney Catholic Schools is experiencing record levels of demand. The strong foundations of literacy and numeracy provided to our students are valued by our parents who know these are the essential building blocks upon which all other learning and growth are built.

Our parents know that in Sydney Catholic schools each child has his and her own unique needs and that every child must be known and guided to their fullest potential by professional and skilled teachers.

While Sydney Catholic schools are high performers in both NAPLAN and the HSC, we also offer a comprehensive education that is practical, creative, innovative and designed to be engaging for all students.

Parents and students are offered an extraordinary range of learning initiatives, activities and programs. Through various tools and channels our schools encourage constant engagement and feedback between students, parents and teachers as an essential component of educational excellence.

St John Bosco College Engadine Students

St John Bosco College Engadine Students. Photo: Kitty Beale

Our schools are faith communities that are inextricably part of the local parishes that worship and thrive throughout the Archdiocese of Sydney. Our parish communities are places of spiritual growth and our schools’ close connection with parishes is essential to who we are and who we can be.

To visit a Sydney Catholic school is to be part of a dynamic, vibrant and optimistic experience of 21st century education. Our schools are founded upon and imbued with 2000 year old Catholic traditions of faith, worship and outreach.

In a world of constant change and challenge, our schools are places where students, staff and parents can encounter God and come to understand through faith that they are part of something much bigger than themselves.

While demand for places in our schools is particularly strong, at Sydney Catholic Schools we take nothing for granted. Future growth and success for our students rely upon our never ending pursuit of excellence which is a challenge we look forward to every single day.

To find your local school and to see the amazing things happening across our schools check out the news and stories on our social media channels, or visit your nearest Sydney Catholic school.

Tony Farley
Executive Director,
Sydney Catholic Schools

First published in The Catholic Weekly.