Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) has kicked off its first, live and online Family Forum for parents, carers, and staff with more than 2500 people registering for the event.   

Titled Part of Something Bigger, the Family Forum brought together families and staff, from across the 150 primary and secondary SCS schools, and showcased what SCS is doing to build collaborative networks of excellence. 

Hosted by Executive Director, Tony Farley and Chief of Staff, Dr Jacqueline Frost, the Family Forum centred on the programs that demonstrate how SCS students can benefit from the opportunities of being part of a bigger network of schools.

Jacqueline Frost and Tony Farley present at Sydney Catholic Schools' First Family Forum

Jacqueline Frost and Tony Farley present at Sydney Catholic Schools’ First Family Forum

The topics were wide-ranging and included discussions on teaching and learning, enhanced curriculum (performing arts, sport, and languages), classroom design and the importance of faith-based work in the community. 

Throughout the interactive forum the audience was invited to vote for topics they wanted the hosts to expand on further and these were: the integration of literacy and numeracy; teaching standards; student wellbeing; entrepreneurship; and SCS’s involvement in community social justice programs.

“It’s great to see how many families are interested in hearing more about what’s happening in our schools and the programs we are running to provide our students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to become active global citizens,” said SCS’ Executive Director, Tony Farley.

“Creating opportunities to engage directly and hear from our parent community is vitally important, and through our first Family Forum, using digital technology, we were able to reach into the homes of students’ families.

“The feedback from everyone who participated has been overwhelmingly positive.  Each term, the forum will focus on a different theme to give our families greater insight into how we are delivering on our commitment to building thriving Catholic communities through excellence in teaching and learning.”