Sydney Catholic Schools is excited to announce that De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla is changing its name to St Aloysius College Cronulla, as part of a much-anticipated transformation that will continue to deliver educational excellence to the Eastern Shire. 

The college will also become a Years 7-12 co-educational school, with its first Year 7 cohort beginning in 2024. 

St Aloysius College will form part of a new cutting-edge education precinct, alongside Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer (Girls) and De La Salle Catholic Caringbah (Boys), who will also expand into Year 7 to 12 colleges from 2024. 

Together, the three schools will enjoy strong collaborative partnerships which will see sharing of resources, facilities and specialist expertise that will benefit students, teachers and families.

The precinct promises to offer expanded student offerings at each college, giving parents a choice of the education model which best suits their child, all with the same high quality Catholic education Sydney Catholic Schools is renowned for.

With the two other schools in the precinct following the single-sex model, St Aloysius College will provide students and their families in the Shire with a unique, co-educational learning experience. 

Byron Hurst, Instructional Leader Creative and Performing Arts at the college, worked with students Kelsea, Sienna and Finn to create this artwork depicting St Aloysius to celebrate the name change

The college will maintain its strong connection to the local community, with the new name for the College being taken from the local parish, St Aloysius Gonzaga, the patron saint of young students and Christian youth. 

Importantly, St Aloysius College will also continue to recognise its LaSallian tradition of excellence, instilling in students a sense of community and service for justice in the world.  

Stephen Mahoney, Principal at St Aloysius College, said he was looking forward to the opportunities the college will present to current and future students. 

“This is a watershed moment for secondary education in the Eastern Shire” – Stephen Mahoney

“The college and the precinct as a whole will give students access to a world-class, holistic education that will help them grow on a number of levels and prepare them for life beyond the classroom.” 

The three colleges will form the only Catholic education precinct within the Shire

A focus of the college will be to provide individual avenues for students to excel in their chosen areas, including more academic and vocational pathways, increased sporting opportunities and new subject offerings linked to the local community of Cronulla and its surrounds.

“There will also be co-curricular options and partnerships with local industry and universities, helping us to create real world learning experiences for our students,” Mr Mahoney added.