We take a behind the scenes look at the team helping schools transition to remote learning. 

In this unprecedented time of rapid change, a team of educational experts has been working around the clock at Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) central office. 

Known as the Education and Research Directorate (E&R), the team has been creating systems and tools to help teachers and students in this new world of learning at home.

Led by Dr Kate O’Brien and consisting of K-12 education specialists from across all areas of the curriculum, E&R is a hub of innovation.

“We’re working really hard to build the systems that school leaders, teachers and support staff need to keep their students engaged and learning”. Dr O’Brien said. ‘“Our key priority is ensuring our students’ wellbeing remains positive and that the learning continues in interesting ways. As a parent and grandparent, I acknowledge the complexity of supporting our children in the home with their learning. It is important that this is a positive experience, with fun and family connectedness. Play games, share ideas and help each other”.


Regardless of where our students are, this resource helps schools ensure all SCS children are learning and thriving.

– Dr Kate O’Brien

“We’re in constant contact with principals and school staff, hearing their feedback and tapping into the talent of more than 10,000 teachers. This means we’re updating our resources and guidance on a daily basis”. Dr O’Brien said. 

One of the team’s latest creations is a website especially for teachers with information, ideas and resources to enhance innovative ways of teaching. There are also helpful links that support education delivery in a variety of ways. 

The Continuity of Learning website builds on a long-standing tradition at SCS of seeking new opportunities for students to learn in creative and agile ways.

“Regardless of where our students are, this resource helps schools ensure all SCS children are learning and thriving. We are really looking at ways to support students to develop their creativity, thinking skills and resilience,” Dr O’Brien said.  “The same work will be delivered in class for students who continue to attend school, and for those studying remotely.”

If parents have questions about their child’s learning needs during this transition period, they are urged to please contact their school principal.

– Robyn Ball, Sydney Catholic Schools