Sydney Catholic Schools’ new Amadeus Music Education Program has lifted off at a high tempo – and Trinity Catholic College Auburn/Regents Park is playing to the tunes.

As part of the program, Year 7 students at the college have received orchestral instruments and are participating in small group and ensemble music lessons delivered by specialist music tutors.

“The Amadeus program will provide all Year 7 students with a wonderful opportunity to learn a musical instrument and develop a whole new dimension of their brains,” Principal Daniel Delmage said.

“We know that the research shows that music will boost brain power, promote wellbeing and improve language and maths skills, memory and coordination.”


Research shows that music:

  • Boosts brain power
  • Promotes wellbeing
  • Improves language and maths skills, memory and coordination

Trinity’s general coordinator, Fred Azar, agrees that the program presents fantastic opportunities for their students.

Trinity College Auburn Regents Park students playing instruments during Amadeus Music Program lessons

Trinity students taking part in Amadeus Music Education Program lessons. Photo: Kitty Beale

“It’s a break from normal study, and as well as learning to play these instruments, they are also gaining other cognitive skills,” Mr Azar said. “It’s great for emotional wellbeing [and] great for them to learn a multitude of skills and practice teamwork to compose symphonies.”

Mr Azar’s role helps timetable practise time for every student with specialist music tutors funded by Sydney Catholic Schools.

“We’ve outsourced eight fantastic tutors who are well versed and experienced in a range of different instruments” – Fred Azar

Participating student Tyana Moawad said she really liked the program.

“It’s a fun way of learning new instruments instead of just writing music,” Tyana said. “It’s helped me learn how to read music and not be clueless about it but also understand it.”

Tyana’s peer, Xin Qiu, said she liked that the program had allowed her to learn a new instrument. She already plays the piano.

“Learning a new instrument [violin] at school is really exciting,” Xin said.

“When I’m stressed I get on my instrument and calm myself by playing” – Xin Qiu

Trinity Catholic College’s feeder primary schools have also rolled out the program and similarly sing its praises.

Feeder school St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School Lidcombe has 142 children enrolled.

“They are greatly enjoying the program and growing in skill and confidence after each lesson,” Principal Maria Maiorana said.

Participating primary feeder schools:

Trinity Catholic College Auburn/Regents Park is enrolling now. Visit to start your child’s music journey today.