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Our three Ashfield schools, St Vincent’s Catholic Primary, Bethlehem College and De La Salle College have rich histories, and there will be respect for each school’s unique identity as they work collaboratively to become one.

We’re reimagining Catholic education in the Ashfield area to ensure academic, strategic and community needs align and our continued response to the ever-changing needs of our school communities, which include staff, students, their families and our parishes.

While the names will no longer be used there will be respect for each school’s unique identity and rich histories as they work collaboratively to become one.

Co-educational classes will be gradually phased in, commencing with the first cohort of Yr 7 being co-ed in 2024 and then Yr 7-12 fully co-educational from January 2027.

Yes there will be new uniforms for St Vincent’s College Ashfield. We anticipate the design and selection process will occur over the next 12 months with the aim of new uniforms ready for the 2024 school year. We will keep you updated on progress.

Bethlehem and De La Salle already share some facilities and this will continue. There will likely be upgrades to some classrooms and facilities, however there will be minimal disruption to students and staff on the school site.

Parents will be eligible for SCS sibling discounts.

Sydney Catholic Schools’ published fee structure will continue to apply at Ashfield. It is based on a fee structure by grade with incremental increases from Kindergarten through to Year 12.