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De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah and Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer are now enrolling for Year 11, 2024. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get the HSC advantage – click below to learn more.

De La Salle College Caringbah
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer

Get the HSC Advantage

De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah (Boys) and Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer (Girls) offer a unique and highly individualised Year 11 and 12 student experience like no other.

The HSC Enrichment Program is a transformational educational journey for those who want to achieve academically, manage wellbeing and grow their crucial support network, providing the best chance for them to step into a post-secondary world of choices and opportunities.

The program is designed to offer dedicated and personalised support made possible by our boutique setting and exclusive cohort.

This distinctive program of personalised attention encompasses three integrated modes of support:

  • Focused Wellbeing
  • Academic Mentoring
  • Supportive Connection

The program is designed to filter out distractions and create a supportive, stress-managed environment for learning to make the final two years of secondary school not only personally rewarding, but a memorable and enriching experience, bridging the journey to adulthood.

The HSC Enrichment Program helps each student achieve their HSC goals, articulate their dreams for the future, create a tactical study plan, and be assisted every step of the way as they work towards making their dreams a reality.

  • Weekly program of wellbeing activities designed to lower stress and improve focus including
    • fitness class
    • mindfulness and reflection
  • Weekly pastoral check in
  • Access to school counsellor
  • Academic care model with specialist HSC subject coordinator and tailored approach to learning
  • Focused 1:1 university and post-school pathway guidance sessions
  • Timetabled 1:1 mentoring
  • Study plan development and study skills check-ins
  • Employment credentialing opportunities including first aid, hospitality.
  • Specialist talks with learning, wellbeing and motivational experts
  • The best of both worlds: bringing Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer (Girls) and De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah (Boys) together for regular coed social connections and interactions
  • Partnered study with peers, fostering collaboration and support
  • Close and enduring small group friendships with both schools 
  • Regular scheduled social opportunities across both schools including group dinners, cultural events and activities across the two schools
  • Dedicated study and socialising space on campus
  • Retreats and Immersion events including overseas travel
  • Leadership experiences for every student