Highly Commended – Year 6

Keira N.
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Primary School, Mt Pritchard

Love and Spite 

My artwork titled ‘Love and Spite’ presents the story of the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-25). I begin by highlighting an incredible love, the love of the Holy family. Joseph and Mary hold baby Jesus, protecting him and sheltering him from the evil that surrounds him.
I used varied tones of red to symbolise evil, as well as purple to symbolise royalty. The Holy Family is shown inside the face of King Herod. This represents how the mind of King Herod was always on the downfall and torture of others. Herod saw Jesus as a threat and he would stop at nothing to destroy him. I used the uneven lines in the background to create a sense of extreme, powerful energy that came from the spitefulness of Herod. Thankfully, Jesus had the love of his family and their incredible determination to protect their son, represented by the heart shape that is created from their white garments.
This story of love and protection is in so many ways similar to that of my family. My mother’s parents risked everything to escape the evil government and war in Vietnam to bring her to safety here in Australia. I connect with this scripture as it reminds me that God is always with us and he will be there to lead us to a safe place.