Highly Commended – Year 6

Alannah R.
St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School, Mudgee

Mary’s Dream

Influenced by the Annunciation from the Gospel of Luke, my artwork exemplifies the connection between Mary and Jesus, amid Mary’s harmonious dream. The binding relationship between them is more than a mother-son, it is a best-friend relationship. This implies that we must continue cherishing and loving one another. My artwork allows the mind to envision memories and connections. I have experienced this through people I have shown my art to, as they start telling me their stories and feelings. My mother often tells us how much she unconditionally loves us; as a baby and still today she embraces us with hugs and tenderness. My artwork is an exhibit of Mary dreaming about her future life with Jesus, just after the Archangel Gabriel had come to announce the Good News! I have used white charcoal on Mary and Jesus’ faces, symbolising holiness and purity within them. Their halos are a mixture of white pencil and brilliant gold texta to imitate royalty and wisdom of an endearing King. The background is a creative design of repeated flowers, signifying beauty in Mary’s heart. It reminds me of dreaming, an open, thought-filled mind and elation as to what is still to come.