Highly Commended – Year 5

Tate B.
St Joseph’s Primary School, Molong

A Long Cold Road to Bethlehem 

My bold and striking image shows Mary and Joseph forced to register for a census in a town far away. Their treacherous journey takes them along the Jordan River, over the hills surrounding Jerusalem and onto Bethlehem, a total of 90 miles. I tried to capture the feeling of uncertainty in my artwork through the use of bold colours and rugged mountains. I imagine a very gruelling trip. Red signifies danger. The journey would have been full of hazards. Lions and bears lived in the woods and bandits and pirates were also common. I used blue for the mountains as it symbolises light, power and mystery and reminds us of the love Mary and Joseph felt for Jesus. The amazing pink light of the blazing moon represents the end of the journey and reminds us of God’s promise to send the ‘Saviour’. God had told the people what the Son of God would be like so that people would be sure to recognise him. My artwork highlights this significant moment and that Jesus was indeed the light of the world.