Artistic Achievement – Year 5 

Lola D.
Villa Maria Catholic Primary School, Hunters Hill

The Star Ahead

This scripture fascinated me, three very powerful men followed a star and travelled to see a small baby because of their faith and devotion to God. It resonated with me because it represents my journey in life and the way I want to live my faith to follow God’s footsteps and guidance to find peace. It is important to have faith, something bigger than ourselves to follow.
I was inspired to create a sculpture because of the bronze reliefs on the exterior of the NSW Art Gallery. I like the art form of relief sculpture because it combines drawing and sculpting with clay, a timeless material that was around in Jesus’ day.
The powerful star is the central feature, each frame traces the Magi’s journey from following the star, over hills, finding the stable and presenting the gifts to Jesus. My favourite parts are the way Mary is resting her hand on Joseph’s shoulder looking at their new baby. The different layers and depths of the clay is like all the different layers and depths of the Christmas message.
As I worked, it was like a prayer or meditation because it involved deep reflective thought.