Year 5 – 1st Place 

Zoe R.
St Justin’s Catholic Primary School, Oran Park

A King is Born

I have chosen the ‘Birth of Christ’ (Matthew 1:18-25) for my reading. My artwork ‘A King is Born’, is about the moment Jesus was born and was held by his mother Mary. This caring love is the same love my mother had for me when she first held me in her arms at the hospital. The same love that continues everyday. The quote, ‘You will bear a son and you are to name him Jesus’, is an important moment that connects me to God. Just like the day I was born, that moment is special to my family. I am thankful for the love and kindness of all mothers.
My artwork helps me understand the connection between Jesus and his mother Mary which opens my heart. When I pray I feel a part of God’s family. My artwork was inspired by Frida Kahlo and all the bright colours that she uses in her artworks. Even though she had a tragic life, she used bright colours in her artworks to bring joy and hope to people who admired her. The mediums that I chose were acrylic paints and some gold ribbon to highlight that moment our King was born.